Clowning, character work, MC, group and partner acrobatics, aerials (static cloud, double loop teardrop,Aerial net, slings), Chines pole, bungee harness work, wall dance

Performance history


Dwell – (Producer, Creator, clowning, physical theatre, acting)


Sometimes I Say Your Name Out Loud – (Co-producer, Co-creator, clowning, acrobatics, aerials, physical theatre, acting), Over The Back Fence – Vulcana Circus (Clowning, MC, roving performance, physical comedy)


Rear Vision – Vulcana Circus (clowning, trio acrobatics, movement, physical comedy), Circus Delivery – Home delivery circus for Vulcana Circus and Anywhere Festival at private homes, Caboolture Family Fun Day and Ballycara aged care (Clowning, acrobactics, physical comedy), Collective Capture – Online for Vulcana Circus (clowning, physical theatre, hiding in a cupboard) and Women of the World Festival (WOW)


Dwell – Wonderland festival (Producer, co-creator, clowning and physical theatre), Dance Mums – Ruckus Arts Festival (clowning, partner acrobatics, lip synch), Spanx for the memories – Cabaret act (clowning, body manipulation), Cirquetry – Queensland Poetry Festival (ensemble performer, acrobatics, aerials, clowning), Dwell – Anywhere Festival, Nautical but Nice – Anywhere Festival (roving clown , physical comedy, bad harmonica), Niflhel – Anywhere Festival (roving clown, physical comedy, bad harmonica), MC – Insert Audience here (clowning, physical comedy) – Vulcana Circus


MC for Raise the Roof cabaret (clowning, physical comedy) – Vulcana Circus, Bread! the edible plate (clowning, comedy) – Wham Bam Cabaret Slam!, Flatpack (Clowning, tumbling, bungee harness) – International Womens Day Event – Queensland Premiers Office, Bread! the edible plate – Renegade Cabaret


Resting Bitch Face (co-creator and co-producer, clowning, partner acrobatics and tumbling, group acrobatics, harness work)– Wonderland Festival 2017, Inertia (Group Acrobatics, floor work, physical theatre, clowning) – National circus festival Mullumbimby, Flatpack (Clowning, tumbling, bungee harness) Barely Contained Cabaret, excerpts from Inertia – Quiver Cabaret at the Brisbane Powerhouse


Inertia – Wonderland Festival 2016, The floor is lava (clowning) – Westies Besties cabaret Westend Festival,  Airport (clowning, tumbling) – Westend Festival launch, How not to sit down (Clowning, hand balance) – Winter Slam Ruckus Brisbane, The floor is lava – Unleashed Cabaret, Earnest goes on Holidays (clowning, partner acrobatics) – Date Night Ruckus Brisbane, Earnest goes on holiday (Clowning, Chinese pole, group acrobatics) – Fluid cabaret at Brisbane Powerhouse

2013 – 2015 

Eurythmics revival ( dance, group acrobatics, object manipulation) – Brisbane City Council’s Parks Alive Festival, Rotate and conquer  (aerial teardrop) – for Naked at the 2High Festival, Aerial teardrop routine – Women of the World festival University of Queensland, Wall dance performance (harnessed wall work) – Vulcana Circus open day


2010 – 2013  – Acro/Tumbling – Circa Training centre

2011 –  2013 – Adagio and group acro/handstands – Emma Serjeant (teacher)

2012 – 2013 – Tumbling/partner acro – Mail De Goey (teacher)

2013 – 2016 –  Wall Dance – Vulcana Womens Circus 

2013 – 2016 – Group and Partner Acrobatics – Vulcana Womens Circus 

2013 – 2019 – Aerials (static cloud, aerial teardrop, tissu) – Vulcana Womens circus

2016 – 2017 – Vulcana Ensemble – Vulcana Womens Circus

2017 – 2020 – Floor work/movement/handstands/group and partner acrobatics – Alex mizzen (teacher)

Short Courses and performance development workshops

2015 – 2017 – Vulcana Incubator (annual program)

2017 – MCF Training program 

2018 – APAC

2018 – Clowning Intensive – Laura Trenerry

2019 – Tom Greder performance intensive – Tom Greder 

2019 – Movement workshop – Jess Love and Joe Wild 

2019 – Solo Improvisation Workshop – Andrew Morrish 

2019 – Stuff Masterclass – Deborah Batten –

2019 – Bitch Dojo – Leah Shelton

2020 – Clown character intensive – Laura Trenerry

      Previous Works and Training

1992-1995 – BA Visual Arts (printmaking, performance/installation ) – University of Western Sydney

1990 – 1999 – Stage hand, stage manager, performer, set builder, puppeteer – Odd Productions (various productions for Big Day Out, Sydney Fringe,    Canberra Fringe, Adelaide Fringe, SummerNats)