Maddy Grant is a Brisbane based circus performer, clown and physical theatre artist. Her background is Fringe Theatre and performance art, she started her circus training 8 years ago during an early mid-life crisis. Her work is best characterised as surreal, and frequently involves disagreements with inanimate objects and a lot of loud noises. She was a member of the Vulcana Womens Circus ensemble, appearing in the work Inertia which was performed at the Wonderland festival (2016) and the National Circus Festival (2017). She co-wrote, co-produced and appeared in Resting Bitch Face at the Wonderland Festival (2017). She is a founding member of the clown group Product Display Unit (2018), and has performed as a solo artists at festivals and Cabarets in and around South East Qld since 2014. Her most recent works include Dwell which she produced and co-created for Anywhere Festival and Brisbane Wonderland 2019. And an ensemble member for Cirquetry which was produced by Vulcana Womens Circus for the Queensland Poetry Festival