Maddy Grant is a Brisbane based circus performer, clown and physical theatre artist. Her work is political, feminist, unapologetically filled with rage, awkward and extremely stupid. She pushes her body and characters to extremes to shine a light on how ludicrous so much of what we do really is. She has co-produced and co-written three shows (Sometimes I Say Your Name Out Loud, Dwell and Resting Bitch Face), performed as a solo artist(The Floor is lava, Flatpack, Airport, Spanx for the memories, Niflhel, Nautical but Nice), an MC (Over the Back Fence, Insert audience here, Raise the roof) an ensemble performer (Inertia, Cirquetry, Rear Vision), and in duo and trio clowning and acrobatic works (Picnic, Earnest on Holiday, Bread! The edible plate) at festivals and Cabarets in and around South East Qld since 2014.